Katanic terminates his contract with the Iraqi national team and complains about him to FIFA

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   July 4: The coach of the Iraqi national football team, Srečko Katanic, announced, on Sunday, the termination of his contract with the Iraqi Normal Organization for not receiving his financial dues more than six months ago.

Katanic said, in a video clip, "I have not received my salaries for 5 or 6 months... I could have terminated the contract after one month for not receiving my salaries."

Katanic added, "My stay with the national team was for the sake of the players and the completion of the second stage of the qualifiers," explaining that "Korkis (the managing director of the Iraqi national team), actually called me and told him that I had filed a complaint with FIFA and had terminated my contract with Iraq."

Katanic added, "I have no right to present any curriculum for the Iraqi Federation because of the termination of the contract and the absence of a future contract."

Katanic expressed his thanks to "the Iraqi masses who have stood with us for the past three years."


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