Katara organizes the Qatar International Art Festival with the participation of 65 countries

Qatar-ALSharqiya October 20: The Cultural Village Foundation "Katara", in cooperation with the international company "Mabs", is organizing the third edition of the Qatar International Art Festival 2021, which will last for 5 days, starting from the 24th to the 28th of this month, and is considered one of the largest art festivals. in the country.
The festival includes 8 activities: a painting and sculpture exhibition, a live painting symposium, a fashion show, a master class, cultural talks, a discussion session, a Qatari cultural tour, and a cultural dinner night. It is an international platform for artists in Qatar and around the world to emerge in the Qatari art scene.
The festival seeks to introduce participating artists, promote their work through print, electronic, digital and social media, interact with invited collectors, art investors, potential buyers and many other shows.
More than 300 male and female artists from more than 65 countries are participating in the Qatar Art Festival, and for the first time the US Embassy participates in a fashion show, represented by the American fashion designer Nour Bishara.
The festival began to develop and expand with the support of art galleries and institutions such as the Florence Biennale, Italy, along with other art galleries from around the world, including Crislo Art Galleries, in Spain, Atmosphere magazine from New York, Gallery 2+ from Mexico, and Art from the Emirates. The United Arab Emirates, Arem Art Gallery from Armenia, Iranian Art Gallery from Iran, Ethiopian Art Gallery from Ethiopia, Art Guest Agency from Russia, and UFS at the American University of Beirut.


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