King of Balance: Ibn Dhi Qar Ibrahim seeks to break Guinness numbers

Dhi Qar - ALSHARQIYA   April 21 : (King of Balance) Ibrahim Abhar continues the people of Dhi Qar and the world by harnessing the rules of physics in the balance of furniture and electrical appliances and everything falls in front of him and Ibrahim, who has been training for 4 years, is striving to reach the world awaiting little support inside Iraq


The Iraqi Council of Representatives postponed the report and discussion of the information crime bill

Unidentified persons targeted, with a sound device, the house of Ali Ghanem Al-Maliki, mayor of the Qurnah district, north of Basra, days after his appointment to his new position

Karbala Police Command announced the arrest of the most dangerous drug trafficking gang consisting of 6 persons