Klopp: Mohamed Salah can't walk

LIVERPOOL-ALSHARQIYA Oct 7 (Reuters) - Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed that Mohamed Salah's ankle injury is not minor. "Mohamed Salah is on the dressing room floor, he can't walk, how can he be okay?" Klopp told a news conference after the Liverpool-Leicester City match. You need to be a technical manager to realize this, he ran the entire stadium for this intervention, and this is not his first time, you can be a great player, but not with such interventions. Leicester City coach Brendan Rodgers said Hamza Chowdhary did not intentionally harm Liverpool's Mohamed Salah during the meeting. "I don't think the ball was a bad challenge. Salah was trying to get into the rear at high speed at the same moment Hamzah arrived at the same place," he said. `` I tried to look more clearly for the game but the camera was too far, but things seemed to be worse than it appeared.


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