Limited delay in vaccine deliveries in Europe, amid tightening measures to combat the epidemic

 Europe-ALSHARQIYA   January 17: The American Pfizer Group said that the slowdown in the delivery of its vaccines to Europe is only a temporary matter, while many countries continue to tighten restrictions to contain the Covid-19 epidemic, which continues to spread strongly.
 The American company Pfizer and German Piontech tried to reassure the Europeans, stressing that they had put together a plan that would allow to reduce the one-week delay in the delivery of the vaccine, at a time when Europe fears a decline in the delivery of doses for "three or four weeks."
 The two companies said that they had drawn up a plan that would allow to increase manufacturing capabilities in Europe and provide more vaccines during the second quarter.
 They confirmed that the reason for the delay was due to adjustments to the production mechanisms at the Belgian factory Borus, which would allow for an increase in the delivery capacity as of February 15.


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