Low number of new cases of corona virus in China

Wuhan - ALsharqiya March 30: China announced a decrease in the number of new infections with the Corona virus for the fourth consecutive day, with the number of cases coming from abroad due to strict measures taken by international travelers. The sixth in a row, while companies returned to work and residents began to regain much of their normal daily life after a closure of nearly two months. As the number of infections declines, policymakers are rushing to revive the economy, which has been almost paralyzed by months of restrictions to control the spread of the virus.


Corona virus infection in Iraq has accelerated in a way that warns of widespread epidemic, after 416 new cases were recorded.

Doctors of the internal medicine department in Yarmouk Hospital expressed surprise at the opening of a corridor for isolating Corona patients on the second floor where cancer patients are lying.

Corona virus infection in Iraq has increased exponentially during the past period, with the easing of the embargo measures