mass protests by students of colleges and institutes

Nasiriyah-ALSHARQIYA  February 14 : A general strike was renewed in the city of Nasiriyah, the center of Dhi Qar governorate, in opposition to the violence experienced by the demonstrators, the procrastination of popular demands by parties and political forces, and students of institutes and universities went out with demonstrations that roamed the streets of Nasariyah in solidarity with the protesters in Al-Haboubi Square and the rest of the squares as they raised Pictures of the martyrs who fell in the uprising to remind that the killers will not go unpunished and the day will come when they will be brought to justice.


On Sunday, the Iraqi Ministry of Health recorded 41 new cases of coronavirus

The Baghdad Operations Command denied canceling the exceptions set by the Diwaniyah Command 55 during the curfew in the capital

In Baghdad, sterilization and disinfectants reported for the third week a shortage in the markets, after the high demand for disinfection