Melania breaks down from formal attire and picks up a quirky outfit

Florida-ALSHARQIYA  January 20: The wife of US President Donald Trump abandoned her usual uniforms and put on a summer dress, after arriving in Florida with Trump, after leaving Washington, DC, on the day of the inauguration of the new president-elect, Joe Biden.
Melania surprised everyone by getting off the plane in Florida, in a "strange" summer orange dress full of cheerful decorations, which was her first appearance in this way since she became the first lady of America.
It seems that Melania decided to change her clothes on the plane, after she boarded the plane in Washington in black formal clothes, to land afterwards in a dress that marks the end of her official era with her husband.

Activists circulated Melania's dress widely on social media, and some considered it a sign of her getting rid of the burdens of the White House, and that she was happy to return to her normal life, while some noted the "strange" dress that seemed to be in the fashion of the seventies.
Outgoing US President Donald Trump and his wife left the White House in a presidential helicopter four hours before the inauguration of his successor, Joe Biden.


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