Messi's deal to Inter is complicated and is subject to approval by the Chinese government

Rome-ALsharqiya August 23: The Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport indicated that the huge economic power of Inter Milan's owners confirms that the task of joining Barcelona captain Lionel Messi is not impossible, but that the process is still complicated.

The newspaper reported that Inter's plan is to make an offer to Barcelona that cannot be rejected at a value of 300 million euros, by attracting prominent and powerful sponsors from various sectors, to finance the large cost of the deal, noting that the approval of the Chinese government must first be obtained, because Messi's image will not be related to Inter only, But also the Asian country that will use Argentine to promote it.

She added that obtaining approval makes Messi's deal a government issue in China, which gives it great importance until it reaches the decisive stage, explaining: Messi will also be exploited in television investment in China, which makes the deal profitable for Inter in the long run.

The newspaper concluded: The Nerazzurri will also work to respect the fair financial play law, as he will review the deal with the European Union first, so the deal is complicated.


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