Monkey proficient in professional photography in Indonesia

Indonesia-ALSHARQIYA   April 6: A monkey from the ancient macaque species in one of the regions of Indonesia simulated and imitated the work of a professional photographer after watching him take pictures with a professional camera.
And the video shows a small "macaque" monkey who grabbed a professional camera and started looking through the camera's small viewing lens, as if he was taking pictures of his monkey friends.
An Indonesian activist’s account, Yashar Ali, shared a tweet on Twitter, in which he said: “Photographer Mugens Troll was taking pictures in the Tangkoko Nature Reserve in Indonesia, but when he took a break and returned to work, he found a wild black macaque using his camera and imitating him in his profession.” .
According to "Sputnik", the monkey picked up the camera, moved it and looked several times through the lens, and tried to get the best viewing angle.


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