Moroccan singer Donia Butma jailed for 8 months in a defamation case

Rabat-ALsharqiya, July 30: A Moroccan court convicted Moroccan singer Donia Butma of eight months in prison, for being involved in a case of defamation of well-known figures through the social network, Snapchat.

Butma is accused of being involved in an account that publishes scandals and reveals details of the celebrity's private life, under the name Hamza Moon Bibi.

Meanwhile, Ibtisam Batmeh, the singer's sister, was convicted by the Court of First Instance in the center of Marrakesh, for a year in prison.

The judiciary issued a 18-month prison sentence against the fashion designer, Aisha Ayyash, and 10 months for Sophia Chakeri, after they were involved in the case that occupied public opinion, according to Moroccan media.

Donia Butma had repeatedly denied her link to the controversial account, and confirmed that she was being campaigned by people who wanted to offend her and undermine her artistic success.

Batma was prevented from traveling several months ago, and she canceled her follow-up on several Instagram artists, alluding to the fact that they had not supported her in the recent crisis.

Artists and celebrities in Morocco and abroad said that the account of Hamza Moon Bibi, who was indicted for his sorrow, has destroyed the lives of many of them.

Batme hails from a long-established art family in Morocco, and her star has emerged on the Arab level after her participation in the Arab Idol talent show.


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