Musician Ilham Al Madfai releases a song about hope in the post-Corona phase

Amman-ALsharqiya, March 14: Iraqi musician Ilham Al-Madfai, who about half a century ago caused a revolution in the Iraqi song by introducing Western instruments to traditional songs, is attending to release a new song centered on hope in the post-Corona pandemic. This musician is known for having brought joy into the Iraqi song, which is often overwhelmed by the tinge of sadness, making young people dance to its tunes, and the lyrics of the song were written by the young Jordanian poet Omar Sari, and the Iraqi singer Nadine Khalidi participated in it. Al-Madfai said from his home in Amman, where he remained quarantined for a year due to the Corona virus, we must continue singing in all circumstances until we send a message of hope to the world, as music is the language of the people, crossing all borders and reaching the farthest corners of the world. The epidemic is a longer period. I will open my window one day and enrich it for the people, just as Europeans used to sing from their balconies and then clap for themselves, because life must go on despite the pandemic that has caused the death of more than 2.6 million people around the world. After he was forced to cancel concerts that were scheduled for 2020 in Britain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, Al-Madfa 'appeared in May to his fans with a party without an audience from the Roman amphitheater in central Amman, which dates back to the second century AD and accommodates six thousand spectators. His spare time in drawing, writing poetry and singing, we live in unnatural but necessary conditions. It was a difficult year during which we lost contact with the world, as we no longer go out and communicate with people, and we did not attend parties, everything has stopped.


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