Mustafa Al-Kazemi: Our responsibility is to hand over Iraq to the next generation in the best way

Baghdad-ALsharqiya October 23: Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi stressed the need for Iraq to mobilize all efforts to find a comprehensive reconstruction movement in various fields. During his inauguration of the first phase of the Baghdad-Hilla road, Al-Kazemi said that the Iraqi government launched, during the short period of its life, important projects in the field of roads and bridges, including this project, the road leading to the city of Bismayah, and several bridges in Nasiriyah and Mosul, as well as drawing up plans for important projects. Al-Kazemi indicated that the government is looking forward to completing these projects during the next year, and that the next government should work on establishing new projects, stressing that it is everyone's responsibility to work to hand Iraq over to future generations in the best possible way.


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