NASA announces the discovery of water on the surface of the moon

United States -ALSHARQIYA  October  26 : The Director of the US Space Agency "NASA", Jim Braidstein, announced the existence of water on the surface of the moon.
"We have confirmed the presence of water on the surface of the moon facing the sun for the first time, using the SOFIA telescope," Braidstein wrote on Twitter Monday.
However, he added: "We do not know yet if we can use this water as a source, but the discovery of water is a major factor in Artemis' exploration plan."
These results indicate that water is produced on the moon, or it comes from external sources, and is stored in the polar regions of the moon.

The presence of water is a boost to further exploration of the moon and potential future bases in it, as a potential source of drinking water and fuel.
NASA said it would announce details of the "exciting new discovery" at a press conference.
The US Space Agency plans to return astronauts to the moon by 2024, as the starting point for the first human mission to Mars.


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