New features appear in Google Maps

US-ALSHARQIYA October 26: Some websites interested in Internet news and recent software reported that the Google Maps application will get new and practical features.
According to the latest leaks, the Google Maps application v11.3.0 will get many new features and the "widgets" feature that will facilitate the use of the application.
The user will be able to set these shortcuts on the main application interface, and control the sizes of these shortcuts in proportion to his device and screen size, or according to the things he searches for more through the application.
The user will have the ability to set a maximum of 8 widgets on the application screen, including shortcuts to find restaurants, cafes or gas stations, or a special interface to go home.
Google has started rolling out the new update to its Maps application, as it is supposed to reach users of devices running Android 11 systems in the coming weeks.
It should be noted that Google had supported the Maps application with many important features in the past, among the most prominent of these features is the augmented reality feature that helps users identify the places they go to quickly and easily.


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