New update for iPhone and iPad devices after serious security holes were discovered

United States-ALSHARQIYA  January  27 : Apple recently released update 14.4 for the iOS for the iPhone and iPadOS for the iPad, which both address some serious security vulnerabilities.
TechCrunch reported earlier that Apple admitted in its security update pages for the iOS system that it had obtained information about errors that might affect iPhones and iPads, and that "it may have been actively exploited" by some parties. .

There are no further details about the vulnerabilities, and it is not known who is exploiting the vulnerabilities, or who might be the victim. Apple did not say whether the attack targeted a small subset of users or was a broader attack. The report said that the company did not reveal the identity of who sent the error.
This means that you should update your devices as soon as possible, since it is clear that the threat is very dangerous, as Apple has found a vulnerability in its operating systems, and it also has evidence that someone has exploited it.
The threat that Apple talked about includes the iPhone and iPad (Reuters)

Two errors were found in WebKit, the engine that powers Safari, and Kernel, the heart of the operating system.
Exploiting the Web Kit is not easy. The ability of a remote attacker to execute dangerous programming commands means that he can control things on your phone by simply visiting a website he controls.
Whatever the security breaches that were used, they are not secondary. Again, there are no details, but overall, this means that the vulnerabilities have bypassed some of Apple's security protections.
It is a rare admission from Apple, which maintains its strong security image, that its customers may be exposed to an active attack by hackers.


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