Obama and his wife co-produce a program in Ramadan

United States-ALSHARQIYA   March 15: Former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle will participate in the production of an audio program (podcast), to be broadcast next Ramadan to all his Muslim guests, in cooperation with the "Spotify" company.
The program is called "Tell Them, I Am" in cooperation with the production company of the former president and his wife, "Higher Ground". The program aims to introduce Muslims in an attractive way by hosting a group of successful figures from Muslim voices, whether they are activists or Artists, actors or athletes, the audience may not have known that they are Muslims.
Spotify said, in a statement on its website: "In every episode, the audience can listen to exciting stories that reflect the best of human nature, which calls for contemplation and thinking about them."

The program’s presenter, Misha Yusuf, who is American of Pakistani origin, said, "The stories are global and the guests are all Muslims. The ultimate goal is for people to feel something and fall in love with the people they listen to without ever thinking about their identity or looks."
The program is scheduled to start on the first day of Ramadan, which may fall on April 13th.
The first season of the program was broadcast during Ramadan in 2019 and included interviews with the American comedian of Egyptian origin, Ramy Youssef, who is an actor, writer, director and actor who won

Golden Globe Award for the series "Rami".
The show also hosted hip-hop dancer Princess Saket and novelist J. Willow Wilson. Comedian Ahmed Weinberg, Harvard-educated astrophysicist, Munza Alam, actress Alia Shawkat, and former Pakistani academic, poet and diplomat Akbar Ahmed also participated in the show.


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