Parliamentary candidate in Mexico surprises his supporters by appearing from a coffin

Mexico-ALSHARQIYA   April  9 : Mexican Parliament candidate Carlos Mayorga surprised his supporters last Tuesday by starting his election campaign in the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez, out of a golden coffin of the dead carried by his campaign members wearing white clothes.
Mayorga's supporters lifted the lid of the coffin, then emerged from it and began his speech, accusing political officials of indifference, and saying, "They have been silent about the chaotic situation of the Corona virus."
And local media reported that Mayorga wanted to deliver a message in this way to draw attention to the increasing numbers of Corona virus victims, who numbered more than 200,000 people.
And his white-dressed supporters express the doctors and nurses who are in the front lines to confront the virus.

The candidate also wanted to express the increasing number of gang victims, as they reached more than 300,000 people since the army began confronting them in 2006, attacking the silence of politicians for what he described as "high levels of organized crime."
It is reported that 16 candidates for the parliamentary elections in Mexico were killed, a remarkable number in the context of targeting politicians.


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