Preparations for the "killer wasps" return

United States -ALSHARQIYA   March 22: The United States and Canada are preparing for the return of the giant Asian hornets, called "killer wasps", during the summer and autumn seasons.
The Washington State Department of Agriculture, which first appeared in the United States, said: "The agencies of Washington State and British Columbia (Canada) and the US federal agencies are preparing and cooperating in their plans to track, hunt and eradicate any giant Asian hornets found."
These wasps are distinguished by their enormous size and tendency to attack bees and cut their heads. They seize their cells and feed their young bees eggs and larvae, which seriously harms crops that depend on pollination of bees, according to US officials.

They may target humans with a toxin that damages tissue / but their bites are rarely fatal, according to CNN.
These hornets were first spotted in Washington state, in the summer of 2019, and then in British Columbia during the fall.
Although it began to appear in 2019, news of the spread of these wasps has become part of the disasters that spread social media users in 2020.
It is not known how the wasps arrived from Asia, their original home, but entomologists believe that they crossed international borders by container ships or through purchases shipped to the United States or travelers.

.It is noteworthy that during the past months, American scientists have warned of the danger of "killer wasps," which they said threaten the "already low" numbers of American bees, as well as human life in the United States, due to the food habits of these wasps and also because of the venom that their stings carry.
In Japan, an average of 30 to 50 people die each year from the bites of these hornets, which killed 42 people in 2013 in one Chinese province.
These wasps form colonies consisting of one queen and many workers, and they can fly for many miles in search of food, and they eat many types of insects, but they prefer to devour bees as it seems

And they have long stings that can penetrate the protective clothing that beekeepers usually wear, and their stings can kill even people who do not suffer from allergies after the poison causes kidney damage.


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