Protesters force Dhi Qar's health director to resign

Dhi Qar - ALSharqiya June 3: Angry demonstrators stormed the Dhi Qar Health Department building and forced its director, Abdul Hussain Al Jabri, to resign in protest at the deteriorating service and health conditions in the province. Pictures showed that dozens of protesters gathered inside the room of the director of the Health Department writing his resignation under the pressure of angry demonstrators. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health condemned the attack on the Dhi Qar Health Department and the storming of the office of its general manager and asked all concerned authorities to protect their institutions and employees.


The Iraqi Finance Ministry announced on Friday the launch of private financing for the salaries of the month of June

The Central Bank of Iraq announced the reduction of the interest rate on small and medium loans to 4%

The Iraqi Oil Minister, Ihsan Abdul Jabbar, announced the possibility of exporting black oil to Lebanon without the mediator’s intervention, in order for the parties to benefit