Public rejection of the attempt to cover up corruption in the Mitsubishi car deal escalated

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   May  4 : Warnings escalated in Iraq, on the political and popular levels, against attempts to close or cover up corruption in the contract to supply Mitsubishi wheels to the Ministry of Interior
Sources familiar with the details of the Mitsubishi car purchase contract and others in the Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed the efforts of the parties involved in the deal to obstruct the investigations of the contract to purchase 6 thousand Mitsubishi vehicles. 2,637 vehicles have already been supplied, of which, explaining that the new efforts focused on attempts to make amendments to the contract in order to evade legal liability .
The current endeavors came after investigations revealed attempts to win over a number of contracting committee members to sign the contract despite serious mistakes that it included, especially with regard to the large discrepancy in car prices and specifications.

A document issued by the Japanese company Mitsubishi revealed the real price of the cars in the purchase contract with the Iraqi Ministry of Interior.
The Mitsubishi company document showed the real value of one car, which is 11 thousand dollars, while the price of the car confirmed in the records of the contract copy with the concerned authorities reached 34 thousand dollars, an increase of 23 thousand dollars over the real price of one car.
The Transparency Association in Iraq revealed the unremitting efforts made by the parties involved in the corruption of the vehicle supply deal to the Ministry of Interior in order to pass the deal in a new manner and offered five million dollars to government agencies in exchange for closing the case. Against the regulatory authorities that exposed the scandal of the supply of Mitsubishi vehicles


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