Pursuing corruption: The campaign reaches the Iraqi Ministry of Planning

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  September  18 : Informed sources revealed that the anti-corruption campaign launched by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi reached the Ministry of Planning and affected officials.
The sources said that two officials in contracts and sectors in the Ministry of Planning are included in the anti-corruption campaign, and the same sources confirmed that the campaign also affected officials in the transfer of funds in the Ministry of Planning.
A security force tasked with pursuing wanted people for corruption had arrested "Bahaa Abdul Hussein," the director of the Key Card Company "in Iraq, and his partner," Alaa ", while they were trying to leave Iraq via Baghdad International Airport.
Yesterday, the security forces arrested the head of the Baghdad Investment Commission, "Shakir Al-Zamili," a day after the former director of the retirement authority, Ahmed Al-Saadi, and 6 senior officials were arrested.


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