Queen Elizabeth rejects Prince Charles' decision to turn Buckingham Palace into a permanent museum

London-ALSHARQIYA September 19 : Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Britain, recently expressed her rejection of Prince Charles' vision to convert Buckingham Palace into a year-round museum. A report by the "Mirror" website revealed that the prince, as the first to access the throne, had long planned to cause a shock in the royal family once he was ordained as king.
Among his ambitious ideas is the opening of private property spaces to the public. However, an expert in the affairs of the royal palace confirmed that Prince Charles' vision for the Palace of Westminster will not be realized anytime soon while Queen Elizabeth is still on the throne.
It is noteworthy that since the arrival of the first visitors in 1993, the palace welcomes the influx of people to it every year between April and September. However, once king, Prince Charles intends to open the doors of the palace and a number of other royal residences throughout the months of the year.
Royal commentator Neil Sheen revealed that Queen Elizabeth was not satisfied with Charles' plans and wanted the palace to remain "a kind of family home" for members of the royal family only.


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