Radhi Shnaishil: Adhering to Katanic will facilitate the task of Iraq

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  July 1: Al-Zawra coach Radhi Shnaishil explained that the Iraqi team has a historic opportunity to reach the World Cup, stressing that sticking with Slovenian coach Srejko Katanic will facilitate the team's task.

"The team faces an opportunity that may not be repeated after the draw put us in front of a group that is easier than the second group, although all the teams are not underestimated, but Iraq's chance is good according to the teams of the first group, and qualifying for the World Cup requires providing a lot of things, the most important of which is keeping coach Katanic," he said.

And between: "Adherence to the Slovenian coach will shorten the time for Al-Ittihad, since the remaining two months for the start of the qualifiers, which is not enough to change the coach, and then giving Katanic the opportunity to complete the last step is a legitimate right as long as he knows the details of the team more than others."

He pointed out that the team needs good camps and experimental matches and attention equal to the size of the expected task, and therefore these details are important in preparing the team psychologically and physically for the qualifiers, noting that he had hoped that the qualifiers would be in a group manner, as it would be in the interest of Iraq, however, the opportunity is very large to qualify for the World Cup.

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi Federation has not yet decided the fate of coach Katanic.


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