Rare meteorite that fell in the UK may contain "ingredients for life"

 Britain-ALSHARQIYA   March 10: The fireball that lit up the skies over the United Kingdom and northern Europe on February 28 was an extremely rare type of meteorite.
According to experts, this meteorite could provide answers to questions about the early history of the solar system and life on Earth.
About 300 grams of the meteorite were collected from a small town in Gloucestershire, Britain, by scientists who said that the rock was formed from carbonic chondrite, according to CNN news.
And carbon chondrite, a non-metallic stone meteorite whose properties did not change from the parent body due to fusion or contrast.
The material that makes this meteorite is the most primitive and pure material in the solar system, and is known to contain organic matter and amino acids (components of life).

The Natural History Museum in London said that the pieces in its possession are "in good condition" and were recovered very quickly after the meteorite fell, so that they could be compared with samples of rocks that were returned from space missions, in terms of quality and quantity.
Richard Greenwood, a researcher in planetary sciences at the Open University in Britain, said in a statement, "I was shocked to see the meteorite and immediately knew it was a rare and a totally unique event."
Meteorites are much older than any rock from Earth, and the museum said they typically travel thousands of years through space.
As these cosmic objects travel through the atmosphere, they sometimes produce a bright fireball before landing on Earth, as was the case with this meteorite.

The museum said that the space rock is similar to the specimen that was recently brought back to Earth from space by the Japanese Hayabusa 2 mission, which returned about 5.4 grams of "Ryugu" asteroid fragments, according to the Japanese Space Exploration Agency.
According to the museum, more meteorite fragments that can be found in the form of black stones, piles of small rocks or even dust may be discovered later. - Al Sharqiya, March 10: The US FBI released new footage of a man suspected of planting bombs Hand-made in Washington on the fifth of January on the eve of the storming of Congress

The video, which was published, shows scenes of the suspect captured by surveillance cameras in several neighborhoods of the capital, and the man appeared to wear black trousers, but his face was still covered by a hood, a muzzle he used to wear, and sunglasses.
And the FBI had previously published pictures of the suspect, and offered a reward of one hundred thousand dollars to anyone who provided information leading to his arrest.


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