Removing a Donald Trump statue from the Griffan Wax Museum in Paris

Paris-ALSHARQIYA   January 19: The Griffan Museum of Wax Statues in Paris pulled the statue of outgoing US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, without waiting for the remaining few hours before the inauguration of his successor, Joe Biden, in the White House, according to an AFP correspondent.
The wax-like statue of Donald Trump was removed to the point of congruence, from its viewing platform and transferred to the museum archives in a secret warehouse on the outskirts of the French capital that housed statues of about a thousand historical or contemporary figures who were absent from the forefront of global attention.
"We will keep the statue of Donald Trump for some time. Maybe we will have the opportunity to use it as a monster during Halloween celebrations," the director of the museum, which has been closed since October due to the health crisis, Yves Dolomo, told AFP.

And the removal of the statue caused relief to the site’s owners, as one of the museum’s workshop workers said, “It was like hell.


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