Requesting the allocation of financial support to the most affected governorates

Baghdad-ALSharqiya, April 7: The Parliament Crisis Cell called on the government to provide financial allocations to the governorates, which are witnessing a remarkable increase in the number of cases of coronavirus. The head of the cell, Hassan Al-Kaabi, told a news conference from Karbala that the government should provide in-kind support to the governorates, especially after the high number of injuries in Corona, adding that the provinces that did not record injuries do not need this support and that focus should be on Najaf and Karbala, which recorded the highest rate of injuries.


Hundreds of Americans in Minneapolis participated in a memorial service for George Floyd, which later turned into peaceful demonstrations.

Several American cities witnessed peaceful protests Thursday evening

Tens of thousands of people, mostly young people, protested the Austrian capital, Vienna, in the context of international mobilization against racism