Rouhani: Israel has no plan for war against Iran

Tehran-ALsharqiya, January 28: Iran said it reserves the right to respond to the threats of the Israeli army chief of staff to direct strikes against its nuclear sites. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed his conviction in the absence of any plan or ability for Israel to wage war against Iran, while the Iranian representative to the United Nations described the statements of the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, Aviv Kochavi, about the threat of the Iranian nuclear file to the Middle East region as the use of fabricated information.


The head of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Muhammad Ridha Al Haidar, confirmed that diplomatic missions were being targeted

The Commander-in-Chief directed the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to integrate the Intelligence and Combating Terrorism Service

The Minister of Health in Kurdistan, Saman Barzanji, announced that the region had received 5,000 doses of the Chinese vaccine