Rouhani: We regret the attack on our diplomatic missions in Iraq

Tehran -ALSHARQIYA  May  17 : Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi received phone calls from Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, during which the latter welcomed the role Baghdad is playing in mediating disputes between countries in the region, according to the Iranian News Agency
"IRNA" agency reported that Rouhani expressed, during contact with Al-Kazemi, his regret over the recent attacks on Iranian diplomatic headquarters in Iraq by some individuals and groups, and stressed the need for the Iraqi government to take a decisive and swift response to these attacks.
Rouhani criticized, during the call with Al-Kazemi, the American role in Iraq, describing it as sabotage, and said that the presence of the United States in this country does not help to establish security and stability.

The Iranian president also criticized the US presence on the Iraqi-Syrian border, describing it as ambiguous


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