Russian supermarkets sell various types of meat, made from insect larvae

Russia-ALSHARQIYA   March  24 : Next year, foreign food items for the Russian buyer will appear in Russian stores.
And this is after the stores began to sell types of meat and baked goods made of insect protein, which is a very useful material for human health.
Insect protein has immunostimulating and hypoallergenic properties.
It is known that mainly the inhabitants of Thailand, China and India eat dishes of insect larvae.
Andrei Zyuzen, executive director of Fuel for Growth and a member of the FoodNet roadmap of the National Technology Initiative, said in an interview with the Russian "Novosti" agency that the Russian buyer will get acquainted with new food within two years.

Dishes cooked from insect larvae will appear on restaurant menus and enter the Russian diet after a few years.
Andrei Zyuzen recalled that Russian companies are now using insect larvae to produce feed for fish and animals.
But some companies have begun planning to produce pasta, flour and baked goods, with the addition of protein made from the larvae of some insects to human food.


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