Saleh Muhammad Al-Iraqi: The Sadrist Prime Minister is ideological, religious, not political

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA September 19: The head of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, defined the specifications of the next prime minister... and said that the Sadrist prime minister would be ideological, not political, under strict supervision, and under the penalty of accountability and Kaskosah.
Saleh Muhammad al-Iraqi, known as "the Minister of al-Sadr," wrote that the Sadrist prime minister will be untested because the experimenter is not tested, and behind it is a popular class that supports it and has balanced external relations, plans and strategies that benefit Iraq and its people.
Saleh al-Iraqi instructed all voters and candidates to adhere to regional divisions to ensure the victory of all or most of the candidates, he said, warning everyone who tries to evade the elections that it may be a reason to deliver the corrupt


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