Save-Dhi Qar: Activists launch a campaign to hold the protesters' killers accountable

Dhi Qar - Alsharqiya, August 9: Activists launched the Save Dhi Qar campaign in a move aimed at taking care of public demands that include accountability for the protesters ’killers, speeding up the election law, as well as special demands in line with the advancement of the governorate’s reality.

Activists said in a statement that Dhi Qar fought terrorism when it occupied Iraqi lands and today it is fighting corruption in the demonstration squares, but its reality is sliding towards the bottom, especially in the infrastructure, services and investment projects due to rampant corruption and the lack of monitoring over it, and they called on the prime minister to visit the governorate and see its reality, which they described. Palmsri


The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, stressed that achieving reform in Iraq needs unremitting efforts to ensure a peaceful transfer of power

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Heads and representatives of political blocs in Iraq are holding consultations in the last hours to come up with a decisive position on the various departments in the election law