Scholars and clerics in Iraq are calling for the abolition of the sedition agreement

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   November 26: Iraqi religious authorities and jurists insisted on canceling the so-called "endowment sharing" agreement, which was described as a "sedition document" that affects the unity of the Iraqi people, and they said that there is no compromise within the limits of God through efforts to delay the implementation of this notorious agreement.
Religious references and Iraqi preachers have renewed their warning against not adhering to the fatwas that forbade the "sedition document" and said that it is not possible to be silent about passing a document that confiscates Muslims' money and encroaches on imprisoned endowments, according to God Almighty.
Clerics and jurists also stressed the necessity of canceling the corrupt and seditious agreement because it is contrary to the provisions of religion and there is no room for any religious or political endeavors in its legal origin, describing it as an agreement of shame and shame that must be cut off from the origin in order to ward off sedition and to preserve the Iraqi social fabric and not to wait for it.


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