Siberian businessman freezing his father's brain

Russia-ALSHARQIYA   January 27: Vladimir Khuzaykin, a businessman from the Russian city of Novosibirsk, paid 700,000 rubles (equivalent to about $ 10,000) in exchange for brain freezing of his father.
The frozen brain is currently preserved in a warehouse in Moscow.
It is reported that the experience of freezing dead bodies (preserving them in cold storage) and even dogs and cats has been realized in Russia over a period of 18 years. However, the past years did not witness finding a way to revive the dead.
Nevertheless, the 33-year-old businessman from Siberia who froze his father's brain after his death is convinced that he will see his father alive after 30 years.

He said, "I took the decision to freeze some time before his death. My father was practicing the dangerous lifestyle, consuming alcohol and smoked a lot, and I knew that he would not be over the age of 60. He actually died at the age of 56 years of lung cancer."
 The businessman only informed a few of his family about freezing his father's brain and said that no one prevented him from achieving that, bearing in mind that the conversation did not refer to freezing the entire body, but only on freezing the brain. He said, "After 30 years, experts will learn to revive frozen human corpses, and my father will return to life and see the light again. Even if this does not happen or will happen after a long period of time, the Dead Freeze Company pledged to me that it will carry out all the freezing operations at its expense in the absence of his relatives." It will restore his memory and print his body

The new information will be done by a 3D printer, then you will put the brain in its printed body and return it to us. "
As for a resident of the city of Kemerovo in southern Siberia, he froze the body of his late wife. However, he did not send her to Moscow, but took the refrigerator with her frozen body to his home. And he said, "Science has reached the level of human animal cloning. Why will it not soon reach the level of resurrecting the dead?"
It is mentioned that the process of preserving the body by cryopreservation (freezing) is a complex procedure where the task of specialists lies in preserving the cells and tissues of the dead. In order to achieve this, scientists created a special solution that resembles a gel of liquid nitrogen, as a protective substance that replaces the frozen dead blood. After freezing, this solution does not allow the body to form ice crystals. Therefore, all cells and the spaces between them remain intact for a long time.

Scientists say that animals and humans can remain in this state for a practically unlimited time until someone creates the "elixir of immortality."


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