Solemn official and popular funeral for Nazem Shaker in Erbil

Erbil-ALsharqiya September 12: Popular, social and sports circles participated in the funeral of the late Iraqi football star Nazem Shaker, who died Friday evening as a result of being infected with the new Corona virus.

The Kurdistan Region authorities organized a solemn funeral for the late star who roamed the streets of Erbil in the presence of his family, loved ones, sports and popular circles, before he was transferred to Baghdad to be buried in the Karkh cemetery.

The Corona epidemic kidnapped the Iraqi football star and former international coach Captain Nazem Shaker, after days of suffering from complications from the Corona epidemic.

 Medical sources in Erbil stated that the late Iraqi football star had suffered during the last twenty-four hours from respiratory problems despite the presence of advanced supplies and equipment to supply him with oxygen.

 The two stars, Ahmed Radi and Ali Hadi, died earlier this year due to complications from the Corona epidemic, before the sports community mourned the demise of Nazem Shaker.

 It is worth noting that Nazem Shaker was born in Baghdad in the year one thousand nine hundred fifty-eight and represented the Iraqi youth team and the national team, and he was among the Iraqi national team squad in the World Cup finals in Mexico in the year eighty-six before devoting himself to training sports clubs.


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