Special dates for jewelry and fashion in the "Riyadh Season"

Saudi-ALSHARQIYA October 27: Under the title "Imagine More", the activities of the Riyadh season show us a series of events that are directly directed to modern women who care about their elegance, most notably the "Jewelry Salon" and the "I am Arab" exhibition.
The Jewelery Salon is the first women's event in the second edition of the Riyadh season.
This exhibition aims to bring together the most prominent names of local and international jewelry houses in one platform, through which a distinguished group of new luxurious designs are presented. This exhibition will be held from November 2-6, and is an opportunity for jewelry designers and collectors to gather in a space where the worlds of luxury and elegance meet.
The General Entertainment Authority had announced the participation of about 250 brands in this exhibition, which bears the name Unique Jewelery Salon.
The 2021 Riyadh season will also receive the “I am Arab” exhibition, and this exhibition succeeded in the previous season in collecting more than 250 designers in the field of fashion and jewelry. This exhibition is scheduled to be held in its new version from 9 to 15 December at the front of Riyadh.
The first edition of this exhibition was held in November 2019 and its aim was to support and empower female designers in the Middle East. He presented a set of luxurious awards to the designers who distinguished themselves in the exhibition. The proceeds from tickets for this edition will be allocated to support charities concerned with the affairs of needy women and children.


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