Sterilization of Al-Shaab neighborhood: Deer deer and Um Al-Kibar fumigation after increasing injuries

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA  April 7 : Civil defense teams in the Al-Shaab region, northeast of Baghdad, implemented a campaign to sterilize residential neighborhoods and popular markets against the backdrop of a high number of infections with the Corona virus, while official and popular calls escalated to the need to adhere to the prohibition of preventive roaming in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic.


Dozens went out in Dhi Qar with popular protests against the deterioration of electricity and water and the lack of medical staff working in the field of treating people affected by the epidemic of corona

Protesters over the deterioration of electrical energy, east of Baghdad, stormed the Al-Amin power plant

Dozens demonstrated in Karbala in front of the door of the diesel station in East Karbala to produce electricity