Sudan is witnessing a military movement to remove the government of Abdullah Hamdok

Khartoum-ALsharqiya October 25: Sudan witnessed a military movement to remove the government of Abdullah Hamdok towards forming a new government, as military forces arrested government officials and politicians in Sudan, led by Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok, according to what the Ministry of Information said. The Ministry of Information said in a statement that "military forces" arrested "most of the cabinet members and civilians from the Sovereignty Council. According to reports, a military force arrested the ministers of industry and information and other ministers, as well as arrested a number of state governors and leaders of political parties. Cabinet Affairs Minister Khaled Omar Youssef’s house and arrested him, while sources from the family of Faisal Mohamed Saleh, media advisor to Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok confirmed that security forces stormed Saleh’s house and arrested him early in the day. "The headquarters of the Sudanese Radio and Television in Khartoum and Umm and detained a number of employees.


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