Syrian invents a car that runs with water instead of fuel

Syria-ALSHARQIYA   April  4 : The car of the Syrian inventor, Muhammad Ajeeb, which runs on water instead of gasoline, has sparked a great controversy in the Syrian street, in light of the suffocating fuel crisis that Syria is experiencing.
Three years ago, the inventor drove his water-powered car in the streets of the town of Jableh in the city of Latakia on the Syrian coast, using a device that he had manufactured, suitable for use in all cars and public buses.
According to the Syrian newspaper Al-Wehda, quoting the inventor Muhammad Ajeeb, the device extracts hydrogen and oxygen in the form of a gas that combines with air with fuel in a gasoline engine,

To give high-quality fuel and complete fuel combustion, without emission of gas from the exhaust of the car, which avoids pollution to the environment and the diseases caused by it, in addition to saving fuel by 30% to 40% only, and this is a great saving of fuel, and also extends the life of the engine, and even increases Of its efficiency. The car's device can extract 12 volts with a high ampere and 220 volt electricity, and this in itself is a good solution to the problem of fuel shortage and shortage.
The inventor is amazing, and he is currently manufacturing a turbine to generate electricity from wind, and he added adjustments to it, with the aim of receiving the largest amount of winds when the intensity of it decreases in the summer, adding that one of the poultry farms and the operation of poultry burners will be provided through the installation of this turbine, and 3 hours of operation of the turbine is sufficient to charge the battery and light The entire domesticated, he said


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