Tahrir Square: Additional numbers of students joined the peaceful sit-in

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA February 21 : Dozens of university and institute students in Baghdad flocked to Tahrir Square, the peaceful sit-in center, to perpetuate the momentum of the popular movement, and support the Mourabitans there since October. Coordination and insistence on holding early elections on the first of October, as a maximum, and rejecting any government that does not meet the specifications put forth by Souh Al-Itsam


For the second consecutive day, the military operation, Nasr al-Siyadah, launched by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa al-Kazimi, will continue

The spokesman for the Armed Forces Commander in Chief, Brigadier Yahya Rasoul, confirmed that the military operations against ISIS have ended

Advisor to the Prime Minister Hisham Dawood described the economic deficit that Iraq is going through