Teachers Syndicate: Members scrambled and expelled during the union's presidential elections

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA February 21: The teachers ’union elections in Baghdad recorded cases of stampede and chaos that ended by expelling deputies from the election hall and rejecting attempts to fraud, imposing wills, and politicizing the mechanisms for electing the union’s president and members. Representatives refusing to join trade union work with the extensions of parties and block quotas, and the election results led to the re-election of Abbas Al-Sudani as head of the teachers


Corona virus infection in Iraq has accelerated in a way that warns of widespread epidemic, after 416 new cases were recorded.

Doctors of the internal medicine department in Yarmouk Hospital expressed surprise at the opening of a corridor for isolating Corona patients on the second floor where cancer patients are lying.

Corona virus infection in Iraq has increased exponentially during the past period, with the easing of the embargo measures