Tension and resentment after the kidnapping of the activist Sajjad Al-Iraqi in Nasiriyah

Nasiriyah - ALSHARQIYA   September  20 : The coordinators of Al-Haboubi Square in Nasiriyah gave the authorities a period of time that ends today, Sunday, to uncover the kidnappers of Sajjad Al-Iraqi and the attempt to assassinate the activist Bassem Fleih
The protesters re-cut the Zeitoun Bridge in Dhi Qar two days after it reopened, and they also closed the lobby intersection, announcing an open sit-in until Sajjad was released.
Threatening to close the governorate outlets in the event that the perpetrators are not revealed
For its part, Dhi Qar police announced the identification of the wheel that kidnapped the Iraqi activist Sajjad, calling for calm until investigations are carried out to uncover the perpetrators.


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