Tension in Wasit: 50 injured during dispersal of student protests

Wasit-ALSHARQIYA  January 12 : More than 50 protesters were injured in Wasit Governorate following clashes with the security forces in protest against the resumption of official working hours. The Human Rights Commission reported that its teams documented 46 injuries near Wasit University after protesters set fire to the entrance to the university in conjunction with the announcement of the Ministry of Higher Education Resuming official working hours and calling for them to end student sit-ins


For the second consecutive day, the military operation, Nasr al-Siyadah, launched by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa al-Kazimi, will continue

The spokesman for the Armed Forces Commander in Chief, Brigadier Yahya Rasoul, confirmed that the military operations against ISIS have ended

Advisor to the Prime Minister Hisham Dawood described the economic deficit that Iraq is going through