The announcement of the death of Princess Badia Bint Ali in London

London-ALSHARQIYA  May 10: The late princess did not hide her passion in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, which since its first time was a torch directed from the light while the rest of the world’s capitals were drowning in darkness. The death of the last princesses of the Hashemite royal family, Princess Badia Bint Ali Bin Al-Hussein, was announced in London. After suffering with the disease, the late Princess, the daughter of King Ali bin Al Hussein, was the last king of the Hashemite Kingdom of Hijaz and the sister of the guardian of the throne of Iraq, Prince Abd Allah, the last princesses of the royal era in Iraq, and her historical testimony has been documented on that The stage in an expanded dialogue P East channel Al-Sharif attributed "Ali Bin Al Hussein," the death of his mother Princess "exquisite  Al Sharqia also praises the biography of the deceased, which was one of the symbols of mercy and social harmony in Iraq. The late Princess Badia Bint Ali described her in her last meeting with Al Sharqiya, describing the departure of the regent, Prince Abd Allah, as a tragedy that he did not deserve because he loved Iraq more than himself and the late princess documented stages From the history of Iraq during the royal era in an expanded meeting with Al Sharqiya channel, among which are the scenes of political life and the dealings of kings with political leaders and the parish.


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