The arrest of the director of the municipality of Dhi Qar and Shatrah and 11 employees on corruption charges

Dhi Qar-ALSharqiya October 25: The Presidency of the Dhi Qar Appeals Court issued arrest warrants on Monday against the director of the municipality in the governorate and 11 employees in the case of Dhi Qar huts and lighting poles in Shatrah.
  And the Integrity Investigations Office in Dhi Qar stated that a security force had arrested the director of Dhi Qar municipalities, Jalal Moushena, the director of Shatrah municipality, Qassem Laith, and a number of employees in the committees for on-site inspection and determining the speculative costs regarding the construction of 33 wooden huts at a price of 7 million dinars per hut, in addition to the lighting poles that cost State 3.5 million per column.


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