The artistic community mourns the great playwright, Adel Kazim

Baghdad-ALsharqiya 3 August: The Iraqi artistic circles have called the playwright and the great dramatic author Adel Kazim for eighty-one years after a struggle with illness and a path full of giving and creativity.

Adel Kazem, who holds the creativity necklace from the Eastern Channels group, is considered one of the writers who influenced the Iraqi theater and TV drama with immortal works that many generations talked about, including the Ka`a and Flood plays taken from the historical Gilgamesh saga and other theatrical works.

On television, the late series presented the wolf and the eyes of the city and then the eagle and the eyes of the city in the eighties of the last century, which enjoyed wide viewing in Iraq and many Arab countries and the press wrote about them a lot after we included a modern dramatic vision in dealing with the history of modern Iraq.


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Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and Speaker of Parliament Muhammad al-Halbousi emphasized the importance

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