The Bar Association asks UNAMI to participate in monitoring the elections

Baghdad-ALSHARQIYA   January 19: The Iraqi Bar Association sent a letter to the United Nations Mission in Iraq regarding the role of Iraqi lawyers in monitoring elections and the measures to be taken to ensure the integrity of the electoral process and to monitor violations and interference in it.
The union’s letter addressed to the "UNAMI" mission stated the necessity of establishing a monitoring center to monitor electoral violations of 3500 lawyers who would undertake monitoring tasks before taking legal procedures, calling for training of lawyers to monitor monitoring in order to provide serious monitoring of the electoral process.


Violent clashes erupted between joint Iraqi forces and ISIS elements

A military operation was launched this morning, Wednesday, by joint Iraqi forces between the governorates of Salah al-Din and Kirkuk

Rocket strikes this morning targeted the Ain Al-Asad base, which includes the forces of the international coalition