The body of a Norwegian man was found in his home 9 years after his death

Norway-East April 9: The Norwegian police said that the body of a man was found in his house nine years after his death, noting that the surprising thing is that "no one has lost him or reported missing him."
The man's neighbors said that he was in his 60s, and when they did not see him, they believed that he had moved to another house, and that he had only been found when the guard asked the police to open the apartment so that he could do maintenance work.
Police believe the man died in April 2011, based on a carton of milk and a letter found in his apartment. An autopsy showed that he died of natural causes.
His pension was discontinued in 2018 when the Norwegian Department of Labor and Welfare (NAV) could not contact him, but his bills continued to be paid automatically from his bank account.


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