The death of a deputy: the epidemic kidnaps the deputy for Diyala Ghaida Kambash

Diyala-ALSHARQIYA  July 10 : In the province of Diyala, the death of a deputy from the Alliance of Forces, Ghaida Kampash, was announced after she was infected with the Corona virus.
Parliamentary sources stated that the representative, Kempesh, was wounded by the pandemic about two weeks ago, and she was suffering from breathing difficulties due to the injury, and was subsequently transferred to Al-Shifa Surgical Hospital in Baquba for a life death there.
 The late Gaida Kampash was known to address the issue of the return of the displaced in Diyala, so that her home in Baquba was the kiss of those demanding rights and those looking for a job. Diyala recorded 4 conferences of tribal reconciliation under the supervision of the deputy who died as a result of corona, which contributed to the return of large numbers of the displaced


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