The death of Iraqi theater director Sami Abdul Hamid

BAGHDAD, Sept 29 (KUNA) - Iraqi and Arab art circles called academic and prominent theater director Sami Abdul Hamid at the age of 91 after an academic artistic bid spanning more than seventy years. Born in Samawah, the center of the province of Muthanna in 1928, the great Iraqi artist began his artistic career in the preparatory stage in the city of Diwaniya before moving to Baghdad to get a bachelor's degree in law / and then evening study at the Institute of Fine Arts and full-time for the work as the late artist Diploma from the Royal Academy of Drama Arts in London and Master of Dramatic Sciences from the University of Oregon in the United States. He worked as a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts at its inauguration and then head of the theater department and head of the Arab Theatrical Union and his choice of president of Iraqi artists. Thousands of theatrical art books, including dozens of researches related to theater, in addition to supervising dozens of theses and theses for master and doctoral students. He received many awards and honors including: the coronation award from the Carthage Festival, the Tunisian Medal of Culture from the President of the Republic of Tunisia; He played several roles in the radio and television works, including his famous role in the wolf and eagle series and the eyes of the city.


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